LeftEye MusicFest

On Saturday, September 28 I had the opportunity to work as a makeup artist at the LeftEye MusicFest.  This year’s event marked the 2nd annual benefit concert in honor of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the popular 90’s pop/r&b trio, TLC.  The concert aimed to raise money for the Lisa Lopes Foundation  and was a  “family oriented event that encourages upcoming female artists, positive community involvement and healthy lifestyles.”  For more information check out this link —> LeftEye MusicFest

So what did I think of the event?!  Well I definately thought it was a great opportunity for backstage experience at a music event!  We had a lot of performers to paint and at times, they did not leave us with a lot of time to get them all done!  The energy was face paced as the performers came in and out for makeup and touch ups.  Fortunately, there were a number of makeup artist there and we all worked cohesively to get each performer ready for her (or his!) performance.   I’m glad I remembered to always pack food and water because I, without a doubt, worked up an appetite!   Next time, I will make time to actually eat BEFORE I am scheduled to arrive at my next event…LOL.

What was the best part of being a part of this event??  To be honest, it was meeting and networking with other makeup artists!! I met some really cool people and look forward to working at other events with them in the near future 🙂

Check out my photos before you go and don’t forget to post a comment below!!!


Me hanging out at the music fest


Two of my fellow classmates from Makeup Academy! LOVE THEM!


Had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside these MUAs!



My Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes


Another dancer I did touchup makeup on


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S. Gisele