My first Bridal Shoot!

On Saturday, I had the honor of doing makeup for a long time friend for her bridal shoot. She was married last Friday (June 31), but the newlyweds decided to do a bridal shoot post-wedding to have a variety of pictures in their wedding day attire.

I must admit that I was VERY nervous being that she is my first professionally photographed model! I learned quite a few things on Saturday.

1.) Arriving early is arriving on time!  Let me tell you all that ATLANTA traffic is no joke especially in the rain.  Her house is about 25 minutes from mine on a nice, clear day.  I made it to her house in 1hr and 15mins due to highway construction and an accident.  This left me with only 30 minutes to apply her makeup before we had to make a mad-dash to the photography studio.  I would have preferred to take my time doing her makeup (at least 45 minutes), so I was a little bummed that I was rushed and couldn’t be as particular as I wanted to be.  Moving forward, I will plan to arrive on set at least 40 minutes earlier than my scheduled arrival time.

2.) The makeup may not come out the exact same way as it did in the trial session. Unfortunately, my friend is allergic to MAC eyeshadows.  Because we switched from MAC products during the trial run to Urban Decay the day of, I was hesitant that she would not change in color because she like the trial application so much.  I learned to be more confident in my capabilities as an artist and make sure I have the blending brush on hand! She loved it just the same.

3.) Eat right before work starts and bring snacks for later.  I will never go without food in my bag again.  #thatisall 

4.) Photographers are your friend.  I loved the photographer we worked with!  She double checked my friend’s makeup with her camera and let me know she looked beautiful through the lens!

This shoot was extremely fun to be a part of! I wish I could explain to you all the amount of love and affection that was present on-set! I will be sure to post pictures from the photographer as soon as I receive them! In the meantime, here are a few pics I snapped with my iphone 🙂



Love, Glam, & Makeup

S. Gisele